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In the new teQ issue featuring, “Plaid 2 Meet,” cover story, is an article about the business advantages of a  progressive web app. OpenArc’s CEO, Joel Reed authored this Tech Corner article and details how Uber, Forbes, Pinterest, Twitter, and many others are leveraging modern web technology to deliver mobile app-like experiences that run faster, have improved user experiences and are often more cost-effective to develop as well as to maintain.


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Excerpt from article:

“Most importantly, a progressive web app looks and feels like a mobile app. It is full-screen and can use the phone’s camera, microphone, GPS and push notifications. Regardless of how the user arrives at your site, they can be prompted to pin the app to their home screen, “installing” the app nearly instantaneously, forgoing the need to go to an App Store to download the application. With the web being the biggest platform in the world, building apps on the web is a way for users to engage deeply with your app, and the reach of the web allows your company to discover a whole new audience, enhancing brand awareness.”

To read the full article and to see if a progressive web app is suitable for your project, visit:


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