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About Us

Crafting Exceptional Teams & Software: Your Success is Our Passion

OpenArc is a Pittsburgh-based company driven by a passionate team obsessed with helping people and businesses thrive. Founded in 2010 by software development and staffing veterans Joel Reed and Bethany Simon, our roots are in empowering growth through two interconnected offerings.

First, we build exceptional software solutions that streamline operations and elevate customer experiences. Our world-class engineers craft applications with seamless functionality, elegant design, and cutting-edge technology stacks.

Second, we assemble elite teams of rockstar talent through our award-winning staffing services. Our recruitment specialists deeply understand the tech landscape, allowing us to hand-pick top performers who gel perfectly with your culture.

What truly sets OpenArc apart is our relentless focus on understanding your distinct needs and challenges. We form collaborative partnerships, rolling up our sleeves to work side-by-side until you succeed. Every engagement is fueled by our team’s contagious energy, creative mindsets, and shared commitment to delivery and excellence.

In essence, we’re the savvy, visionary partner who provides both the talented people and pioneering software to propel your business into its boldest future.

What’s Our Culture?

We’re all about collaboration, support, and having a good time while we’re at it. We believe in treating everyone with respect, being honest and upfront (we’re all about setting clear expectations), and taking responsibility for our work. 

What’s Our Big Picture? 

We want to be your go-to partner for all things staffing and software. We believe in the power of incredible people and cutting-edge tech to help businesses achieve any idea. We’re here to bridge the gap between human potential and technological advancements, helping you build success, one great hire and software product at a time.

Who’s Our Go To Crew?

Building a great team starts with having a great leadership team, and that’s exactly what we have here at OpenArc. Our leaders bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and passion to the table (oh, and they’ve seen it all). 


Joel Reed


Bethany Simon

VP of Business Development & Solutions Architecture

Michael Carpenter

VP of Staffing Solutions

Scott Moore

VP of Software Engineering

Peter Bruns

VP of Customer Success

Leann Moore