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Custom Software

How We Build

From Idea to Awesome

Big ideas deserve custom solutions, regardless of your company’s size. OpenArc’s approach to building is flexible, offering a comprehensive approach or targeted solutions – it all depends on where you are in your product journey.

Need help mapping out your vision? Let’s just start with a plan. Want to revamp legacy systems? We’ll forge a path to modernization. This engagement model puts you in the driver’s seat, ensuring our solutions align perfectly with your needs.


3-8 Weeks

Plan your new or next-gen product with an OpenArc Plan that outlines the necessary components of your single or multiple-round build. Just enough to get a good footing, not a big upfront design.

  • Vision
  • Discovery
  • UX Designs
  • System Architecture
  • Features
  • Roadmap
  • Cost Estimates
  • Timeline
  • Build Plan

Deliverable – Pitch Deck or Synthesis Report


2-6 Months for First Build

Realize your product with an OpenArc Build, powered by experts using advanced technology, software development methods, and testing for your product.

  • Design
  • Iterative Development
  • Code
  • Test
  • Optimize
  • Architecture Updates
  • DevOps
  • Support Plan

Deliverable – Awesome Software Product


Continuous After First Build

Keep your product current, relevant, and optimized with OpenArc Evolve, our fully-managed feedback loop that leverages user feedback, usage statistics, hosting metrics, and more to continuously optimize your product.

  • Optimization
  • Future Releases
  • Roadmap Updates
  • Support

Deliverable – Optimized Product with Ongoing Support