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What clients say

  • Parker

    OpenArc demonstrated thought leadership through the design, development, and deployment of a global VR solution that aligned our technical, functional and business goals.

    Liza Knutsson
    Product Marketing Manager
  • Duquesne Light Company

    I have noticed a very natural trust here when OpenArc is mentioned as a supplier. Your name, OpenArc, is not met with the same attitude as other suppliers. You are talked about almost as if you were an internal department.

    Carl Rizzo
    CIO of Adagio Health and Duquesne Light Consultant
  • University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute

    I would HIGHLY recommend OpenArc. We have worked with them on several University projects, some even started by other firms, and OpenArc has delivered on time, within budget and to the needs of the University team associated. I know several of the members of the leadership team, and can tell you they truly partner with the customers they serve. I have been in the software business for many years before coming to Pitt, and I am highly impressed with OpenArc, their team, and their work.

    Greg Goticchia
  • CiV Digital

    As a digital agency, we need a capable responsive technical firm to manage our servers and infrastructure. They resolve issues quickly and go the extra mile to take care of us and our clients. OpenArc is a trusted and valued partner.

    D.J. Smith
    Founder & President, Chief Storyteller,