No Nonsense Approach to Staffing: Focus on What You Do Best!

When you engage with a staffing agency, you connect with staffing experts that can seamlessly collaborate with you on your talent needs, vetting and screening potential candidates. Think of it this way, all of the burden, time and energy you spend right now is substantially transferred from you to a team that specializes in sourcing. If you mentally struggle with shifting this responsibility, take a moment to look at it differently, focus on what you do best and outsource the rest.

Often we hear from clients they had misconceptions of what it meant to work with a staffing agency. Every company’s staffing need is different, and we take the time to determine your exact requirements, whether that is a mix of contract work, direct hire, contract-to-hire or even project work.

A bonus of working with OpenArc is that beyond strategic IT staffing and recruiting; we offer full-stack software development services. What does this mean for you? When the need arises, we have the bench strength you’ll need to scale a software development project rapidly. Other firms are often delayed and off schedule as they search and contract or hire these skill sets.

Through this unique combination of people and software, we’ve developed internal processes to qualify talent and identify critical client needs with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Ask anyone in the office, what set’s OpenArc apart and you’ll more than likely get this response, “We know client needs and candidate skills better because we are in the business of tech development!”

People are an essential resource within your company, don’t go it alone. Find great talent today!

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