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The Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion in Recruitment for Your Company

Written by OpenArc on .

The modern world is prioritizing and advancing diversity in the workplace more than ever before. This trend is apparent in a wide range of industries, including the tech sector. While this industry is still primarily dominated by men, strides towards a more diverse workforce are being made.

This is because many have come to realize that fostering diversity and an inclusive atmosphere in the workplace empowers employees to collaborate from varying perspectives and experiences, accelerating the quality of work.

In this blog, learn how our blueprint for diversity and inclusion in recruitment—a practice that we utilize ourselves—can benefit your organization’s workforce and advance your diversity goals.

Why is Diversity-Focused Recruitment Important?

By focusing on diverse recruitment, companies create well-rounded workforces with people from varying backgrounds who contribute unique thoughts, ideas, and experiences to a common goal.

Diverse recruitment entails actively staffing a workforce comprised of people of economic backgrounds, different races, religions, education levels, and so on. Essentially, hiring a diverse workforce means not hiring a bunch of carbon-copied employees.

Contrary to the belief that like-minded individuals may work better together, having a group of unique workers all contributing distinctive ideas to a specific goal may initialize innovation and creative change that otherwise would be overlooked or never thought of in a one-track-minded group.

Studies have shown that properly managed diverse workforces can increase workplace productivity and a variety of clientele by bringing in more diverse business opportunities and partners. Diverse workforces utilize the skills of all team members and can lead to:

• Less employee turnover
• Increased job satisfaction
• More sales
• Higher revenue
• Increased investor interest

These gauges show how diversity and inclusion in recruitment can promote progressive action within an organization and create a stronger sense of camaraderie and togetherness, leading to more significant and frequent accomplishments among the diverse workforce and, therefore, a more successful and profitable business.

We believe in these principles and have witnessed their effectiveness firsthand. That’s why we want to share this knowledge with other companies through our tech and IT staffing services.

What are Some Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Strategies?

We incorporate a variety of inclusive recruitment tactics into our process of hiring a diverse workforce, such as:

• Utilizing diversity-focused search engines and job boards
• Building our network through diversity networking events
• Engaging with local universities and job fairs
• Referral programs for candidates
• Developing third-party partnerships to support sponsorships of non-citizens
• Training and educating all employees on diversity recruitment’s value and strategy
• Demonstrating a diverse, inclusive environment within OpenArc ourselves

The OpenArc Approach to DEI in Recruitment

At OpenArc, we’re proud of our accomplishments to diversify our own workforce and strive to help other companies achieve the same results. The momentum of our contingent workforce is strong with a representation that is 49% diverse, including 32% minorities and 18% women.

OpenArc’s recruiting strategy gives you access to an extensive network of diverse, pre-qualified candidates. As a diverse supplier ourselves and certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB) through the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), OpenArc offers a valuable IT staffing partnership for developing diversity recruitment strategies for clients who recognize the need and benefits of diverse recruitment.

We understand that diverse workforces provide tangible benefits to organizations through increased production, efficiency, innovation, and profitability. Through our partnership, OpenArc is prepared to help companies achieve the same and ensure that they’re hiring a diverse workforce.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Mission

Our mission is to deliver diverse workforces and inclusive cultures to all our client partner organizations that will empower employees and advance company objectives to innovate, create, and build highly
successful products or services.

We believe in and stand behind our mission because we follow it ourselves when staffing OpenArc. We’ve witnessed the results of the improvements we’ve implemented and know that we can offer a similar unparalleled experience to our partners by assisting with hiring a diverse workforce.

Start Building a More Diverse Workforce by Partnering with OpenArc

OpenArc aims to grow and deliver a diverse candidate network of pre-screened, qualified talent
to all our client partner organizations. When recruiting and submitting candidates to open positions,
our goal is to provide a 100% diverse candidate network available to you for all hiring decisions.

In the simplest terms, we’re dedicated to bringing you qualified talent and improving your IT staffing levels while increasing the diversity of your workforce at the same time.

Find out for yourselves how your company can benefit from diversity and inclusion in recruitment and from hiring a diverse workforce. OpenArc is committed to helping you achieve this goal, and we’re ready to help whenever you need us.

Ready to achieve results with the OpenArc team? Contact us today to build a powerful workforce!