Mobile App Design and Development

End-to-End Consumer and Enterprise Mobile App Development


Custom Mobile App Development

Every company needs a digital strategy that includes mobile. Whether you’re defining a new offering or extending existing services, a seamless custom mobile experience is crucial for your future growth.


OpenArc is an experienced custom mobile application solution provider that can help your team define a vision and choose a model that is the best fit for your business based on user needs.

An in-house team of designers and mobile developers will deliver to you a cohesive user experience that will strengthen your brand and boost engagement.

You’ll have a dedicated OpenArc client partner whose job is to make sure you’re satisfied with our work and ensure the successful delivery of your product, both on-time and on-budget.

From native, hybrid, and cross-platform, your custom mobile application is accessible, secure, scalable and will position you to out-pace your competition and get to market faster.

As an agile mobile app development company with a flexible engagement model, we’ve got you covered from early-stage ideas to product definition, design and release.

Custom Cross-Platform Mobile Developers

OpenArc’s multidisciplinary custom development team based in Pittsburgh, PA, will understand your business users, gather all of your requirements and do the heavy lifting to understand your technical specifications.

Our mobile developers will create a high-performing, feature-packed custom mobile app or mobile web app that can be employed across all platforms, Android, iOS and Windows- with the same code base!

Your reliable and engaging cross-platform mobile application will be ready to go to market faster.

Technology Expertise

OpenArc can help you automate business processes and migrate them to an engaging custom mobile environment, helping you to meet goals and deadlines. Embrace mobile and deliver an engaging custom mobile experience for users with a cross-platform mobile development strategy for native, hybrid or responsive web applications for smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Key Capabilities


Native Apple (iOS) Development using Objective-C and the Swift Programming Language


Native Android Development using Eclipse and Android Studio


Cross-Platform Development using Xamarin


Integrations with various Bluetooth devices (YEI Sensor, Heart Rate Monitor)


Integrations with various web platforms (WordPress, .NET, PHP, WooCommerce, HTML5)


Professional in-house UX/UI team that expertly develops a custom user interface for you

Kick the Tires

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What Our Clients Say

  • OpenArc is a top-tier development firm with a highly technical and competent staff that offers cutting edge services. However, what sets OpenArc apart is that they are not just developers, but partners in the innovation process.

    Kevin Ball, PhD
    Project Team Leader
    University of Pittsburgh

  • OpenArc is the best staffing firm in Pittsburgh. The staffing team does a great job finding top talent and helping us sell the positions and the company to the candidates.

    Mark Miko

  • As a digital agency, we need a capable responsive technical firm to manage our servers and infrastructure. They resolve issues quickly and go the extra mile to take care of us and our clients. OpenArc is a trusted and valued partner.

    D.J. Smith
    Founder & President, Chief Storyteller, CiV Digital

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