Understanding Why a Mobile-First Strategy is Critical for Today’s Market

Why the Focus on Mobile User Experience (UX)?

A vital element to the success of your enterprise mobility solution lies in your users. Living at the intersection of your business goals and your users’ needs, habits and viewpoints, mobile user experience (UX) design creates
an empathetic environment that not only increases your adoption rate, but also ensures proper usage and encourages new behaviors from your users.

An optimal mobile UX will consider the scenarios and environments in which the interface will commonly be accessed, and take into account any influence this may have on the user experience – creating a consistent experience for users across platforms, devices, and channels, and ensuring that the user flow is uninterrupted and cohesive in both style and functionality. And don’t forget – today’s users are omnichannel consumers. A successful UX strategy must not only consider the mobile experience, but also consider how that experience interacts with web and other user connections.

A mobile-first approach to any mobile solution will ensure that your UX is optimized for even the smallest screen real estate, simplifying design elements and layouts and breaking down complex processes into digestible tasks. The true challenge (and where success lies) is providing a consistent, analogous experience
in both the mobile and full versions of a platform.

UX will ensure that you are driving your business needs and goals while enhancing your users’ interactions with your organization. Ultimately, leveraging UX encourages faster adoption by creating a more integrated and delightful experience.

If you are serious about UX and ready create a solution with many benefits, reach out to one of our software strategists to develop an actionable mobility plan.

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