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Key Benefits of a Strategic Roadmap for Mobile Apps

A mobile strategy and roadmap is an important guide for your enterprise mobile enablement program.

A key benefit of a mobile roadmap is that it will help you understand and define all the components you need, and it will help you turn your mobile vision into an actionable plan and operating model. Mobile transformation reinvents business practices to increase effectiveness and derive maximum value from technologies such as social media, cloud computing, mobile technology, and big data and analytics.

Whether your key drivers are customer engagement and satisfaction, loyalty and retention, employee and business partner connection and support, the fear of disruption by technology, or new competitors in the market, defining your mobile blueprint is critical to your future success.

Your mobility blueprint should also be built on a program framework that considers the customer as the centerpiece. A human-centered design approach evaluates and leverages the most effective mobile and cloud technologies, and includes the key underlying architecture components critical to today’s complex mobile solutions.

With the proper upfront planning around mobile value, architecture and governance, the identification and analysis of the highest impact opportunities, and improved quality and efficiency through evaluation of how, when, and where time, money, and resources should be invested, a mobile blueprint and roadmap will deliver an improved ROI on mobile implementations.

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