Feature Job of the Week: Network Security Engineer

Experienced Network Security Engineering Role in Pittsburgh 

An exciting opportunity for a seasoned Network Security Engineer to step into a role with a large technology team in the Pittsburgh market. Working within the company’s existing architecture, you’ll be involved in new network projects encompassing security-related hardware and software. Your experience will include hands-on experience with installations and segmentation. Plus, deep technical expertise with operating systems including Linux, along with Amazon web systems and web services.

The ideal candidate will be able to develop solutions for complex situations and idenitfiey critical security needs and requirements. Working within this large team, you’ll need to be the SME when it comes to firewalls, security management approaches and assembling fully-functional virtual private networks. The ability to work collectively with your colleagues, present information in a meaningful manner across departments and an innate ability to describe deeply technical scenarios to all stakeholders from the end-users’ perspective is crucial for success in this role.

If you are ready to take on a highly-technical role and interact with like-minded people on a daily basis, then reach out to us with your documented problem-solving successes to learn more about the role and company culture. Contact our Director of Recruitment, Scott [email protected]

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