What’s New in Virtual Reality (VR) from Google I/O

Standalone Virtual Reality headsets are coming.

This month has been one with big announcements between Microsoft BUIlD and Google I/O. The team at Google shared this week what they’ve been up to as it relates to Virtual Reality and a key takeaway was standalone Virtual Reality headsets are coming.

Yes, you heard it correctly Google is planning an upcoming release of Daydream View 2.0, which will no longer require you to strap your Daydream-ready smartphone to the headset and controller.

The whole experience will be changing with fully-optimized hardware for VR, along with Google Cast support. Using the casting technology, users will be able to share with others in the room what they are viewing in real-time.

The timeline is unclear, but “coming soon” is the answer for now.


Image source @googledevs

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