The Changing Tech Landscape for Software Development Firms in Pittsburgh

The Acquisition of Local Software Development Firms Presents New Opportunities

The greater Pittsburgh-metro area has a close-knit community of developers, designers and architects all bound by their passion to deliver solutions to clients through software development projects. From CTOs to programmers, thousands of technologists work for local software development firms in Pittsburgh, creating enterprise, mobile and web applications for a variety of business needs.

When news travels to the community that long-standing firms have been acquired by out-of-state consulting groups or by billion dollar corporations outside of the United States, this close-knit group takes notice, along with their clients. What typically comes to mind for most is, “what does this mean for me,” and at the end of the day, “how this going to impact the quality of work provided by the conglomerate?”

The changing tech landscape does present new opportunities. Clients that have an existing relationship with newly acquired software firms will have the opportunity to meet new team members, learn the processes of the new company and discuss their pricing structure for developing, migrating and maintaining applications.

It also presents the opportunity for mid-size, locally owned software development and consulting firms to showcase to potential clients something that the larger firms don’t have, which is flexibility. Local mid-size firms tend to be nimble, have highly-specialized skills and can offer a more hands-on, face-to-face approach. Born from a Pittsburgh-based work ethic and a culture of fierce quality, local firms offer less bureaucracy, quicker access to thought leaders and direct interaction with decision makers.

These examples of flexibility ultimately translate into higher-value and higher-quality client solutions being delivered ahead of schedule, at a lower cost. Coupled with fewer complications, one-on-one attention and the ease of doing business, it’s the innate culture within this type of firm that sets locally owned, mid-size firms apart. By building applications which exceed client expectations, while solving a specific business need, local mid-sized firms provide exceptional value to the client.

The next time you become involved in a conversation or read an article about the acquisition of a local software development firm, take a moment yourself to reflect on the opportunities it presents and the direct impact to you, your business and your project. Whether it be problem solving, consulting or general direction on software development strategy, OpenArc, a locally owned, mid-size firm based in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, has a team of multi-disciplinary experts with decades of experience in delivering ROI-driven software solutions to guide you.

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