The Case for Building Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin.Forms

Building Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin.Forms

Considering extending your web-based solution? If you haven’t yet considered Xamarin.Forms, it’s worth your time to see how with this cross-platform library you can build fully native Android, iOS, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps using C#.

Let’s break it down further. Without Xamarin.Forms, you’d need to build multiple native versions of your solution. One in Java, one in Objective-C/Swift and lastly, C#. Each of these languages requires different developers with different skills sets. Think of the tedious time it takes to build each of these out, not to mention you’re likely tripling your development costs.

Xamarin.Forms solves this redundancy by enabling you to build native UI’s for Android, iOS, and UWP from a single shared C# codebase. Business logic, database usage, network access, and other common functions can be written once and re-used on each platform, providing a foundation for platform-specific user interfaces that look and perform as native applications.

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