IoT Consulting and Design

Discover the Business Value of IoT within Your Organization


Let’s work together to prioritize your Internet of Things (IoT) investment and develop targeted solutions based on your specific business needs. Through a customized approach, you’ll gain an understanding of the potential of IoT and its impact on your business operations.

Today, IoT is transforming industries and offering benefits that are positively impacting the bottom line.

  • Manufacturing Manufacturing
  • Transportation Transportation
  • Utilities Utilities
  • Retail Retail

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Whether you are beginning to explore IoT or are ready to deploy an IoT strategy, OpenArc’s team of experts can offer industry knowledge, defined IoT business cases and an accelerated path based on your data and devices. From strategy to maintenance, and anything in between, OpenArc will create a custom IoT dashboard or IoT environment focused on data management, analysis, and presentation of actionable insights.

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Services and Competencies

  • IoT platform design and data visualization IoT platform design and data visualization
  • Effective IoT strategies Effective IoT strategies
  • Actionable IoT insights Actionable IoT insights
  • Predictive analytics Predictive analytics
  • Data aggregation Data aggregation
  • Data management Data management
  • IoT dashboard IoT dashboard
  • Big Data and IoT architecture Big Data and IoT architecture

Finding the right company and the right job for me! It was such an easy process and fast

Carrie Mason, Product Manager