Custom Virtual Reality (VR) App Development

Engaging and High-Quality Virtual Reality Experiences That Scale and Are Easy to Deploy


We Build Virtual Reality Projects for Every Industry and VR Solutions Specific to Your Requirements

Virtual Reality (VR) can provide valuable, high-engagement business solutions to organizations of all sizes. Companies around the world are using Virtual Reality applications to assess employees, deliver a new style of training, design products, and systems, demo products, and enable field service. Custom Virtual Reality applications are developed to offer your team hands-on training that is safe, scalable and immerisve.

Virtual Reality experiences and environments developed in SteamVR and Oculus are designed to bypass safety risks, reduce costs and scale training programs for easy distribution across locations.

OpenArc’s in-house Virtual Reality application team consists of UI/UX experts, modelers and developers that work with you to identify needs, storyboard experiences, and roll them out to your organization.

Customized VR experiences provide hands-on experiences that are immersive, engaging and specific to your unique needs. Immersive Virtual Reality applications are providing organizations with a unique platform to engage their audience and provide a positive learner experience.

Through 3D configurations and visualizations, your company can leverage the Virtual Reality platform for:

  • Product Demonstrations

  • Virtual Tours

  • Virtual Training

  • Tradeshows

If you have an idea that you’d like to discuss, reach out to one of our Virtual Reality experts in Pittsburgh, PA. If you prefer to meet in person, accommodations may be available. We’d love to hear from you.

With your own custom Virtual Reality application, your organization will immediately transform how you interact with your users through engaging, high-quality content and interactive experiences that cut through today’s competing digital distractions. With Virtual Reality you can uniquely extend the reach of your product, service or safety training through contextual Virtual Reality environments relevant to your users.

Virtual Reality Services

OpenArc's Virtual Reality Design and Development Services include working with you one-on-one in an collaborative engagement to create:

  • Hands-on experiences with existing VR examples.
  • An overview of your high-value needs.
  • A storyboard for key tasks that includes scenes, interactions and feedback.
  • A list of environments, equipment, and objects to import or acquire for your scenario.
  • A summary of tracking and reporting needs.
  • A summary report that articulates your vision with a plan to create it.
  • A proposal with timeline and costs for implementing your VR into your organization.

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