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My experience with Open Arc was outstanding. Very professional and helpful. I love my new job!

Elizabeth Krasnay, Translator

Cara does an amazing job of helping us staff positions.

Joseph Smith, Director

Jordan Gehlmann is proactive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable about my business, my team, and my needs.

Kevin Hutchison, President and CEO

I ended up with a contract at my dream company with the help of OpenArc. They've been great to work with and excellent communication. I got the interview coaching I needed to better represent myself from of my recruiters, who was a huge help in my job search. My recruiter understood that texts and emails are a better way to reach me rather than phone, which makes it easier to keep up with any messages.

Aimee Dryden

Over a decade of working with recruiters and I never had a positive experience until OpenArc. Everyone I worked with bent over backward for me and I'm forever grateful. I recommended OpenArc to everyone and I am often met with, "oh yeah, they're the best in Pittsburgh.

Dan Burfield, Sr. Application Developer

OpenArc has always gone above and beyond with my needs and have been extremely helpful with my career.

Mindy Ciminella, Contractor

OpenArc is the best IT staffing firm I have worked with. I would recommend Open Arc services and Recruiter Chris Sciullo to anyone looking for an IT position. He is professional, knowledgeable and extremely easy to work with.

Shannon Klingensmith, Integration Specialist at Hanel Storage Systems

You found me a great job. I described an ideal job two years ago, and when it became available, you contacted me.

Stephen Morrisson, Controls Software Engineer

The recruiter I worked with took the time to get to know me and, as a result, I was placed in a job that suits me very well. During onboarding, I received valuable support from your company.

Benjamin Blanchard, Sr. Front End Engineer

Thank you so much for all of your efforts connecting me to this position. The process was swift, professional and pleasant and I am so happy to be working with this team. Not only am I learning a lot, but the move has really changed my life and is making a difference both personally and professionally.

Please keep doing your excellent work and please extend my thanks to the entire OpenArc team.

Karen Forney, Implementation Specialist

I've worked with dozens of different staffing firms in Pittsburgh over the past ten years, and OpenArc is the only one that spent the time to really understand what was important to us. I also appreciate the transparency and hard work of our Account Manager.

Dave Hannan, Vice President of Customer Success at Panopto

OpenArc delivered results in one-month for a position we were trying to fill for more than six-months.

Panickos Neophytou, CTO NetBeez

As a digital agency, we need a capable responsive technical firm to manage our servers and infrastructure. They resolve issues quickly and go the extra mile to take care of us and our clients. OpenArc is a trusted and valued partner.

D.J. Smith, Founder & President, Chief Storyteller, CiV Digital

I would HIGHLY recommend OpenArc. We have worked with them on several University projects, some even started by other firms, and OpenArc has delivered on time, within budget and to the needs of the University team associated. I know several of the members of the leadership team, and can tell you they truly partner with the customers they serve. I have been in the software business for many years before coming to Pitt, and I am highly impressed with OpenArc, their team, and their work.

Greg Goticchia, Director, University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute

I have noticed a very natural trust here when OpenArc is mentioned as a supplier. Your name, OpenArc, is not met with the same attitude as other suppliers. You are talked about almost as if you were an internal department.

Carl Rizzo, CIO of Adagio Health and Duquesne Light Consultant

We're so thrilled to have found OpenArc and are excited for phase 2 of the site. Thanks for all of your hard work and time spent - it was an absolute pleasure working with your team.

Morgan Cobden, E-Commerce Manager, American Textile

I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Working with all of you has been a wonderful experience and you have been extremely helpful.

Chris Wargula, Manager, Microsoft Center of Excellence

OpenArc demonstrated thought leadership through the design, development, and deployment of a global VR solution that aligned our technical, functional and business goals.

Liza Knutsson, Product Marketing Manager, Parker Hannifin Corporation

OpenArc makes every effort to make sure that the potential jobs are not only a fit for your skills but a fit for your continued growth in your chosen career. I would undoubtedly recommend them to any technical professional looking to take that next step in the industry.

Chris (Vinnie) Venturini, Technical Lead Developer

Working with the OpenArc team made the hiring experience very easy.

Chad Johns, Director of Product Development

It's truly a pleasure to work with everyone at OpenArc. What stands out for me is the responsiveness and the business relationship that is formed. It's more like a partnership with a goal of finding the right people to match not only the job position, but the company culture as well. This is my third time working with OpenArc and I know that I can always count on them to listen to my needs and provide top-notch candidates.

Chris Julio, Software Development Lead

Recruiting firms have told me I'd be a "good fit" for a position before. But with OpenArc, it was clear they meant it. Mike had READ my resume and listened to my requirements. Meanwhile, Jordan had clearly done the same on the employer side of the process. A fun part of the actual job interview -- yes, they can be fun -- was the common awareness that OpenArc hadn't wasted either party's time. No one wants to go on an endless number of interviews for positions they neither want nor for which they are qualified. A good recruiter listens to their clients and customers to provide proper matches. OpenArc is a great recruiter.

Jeff Sullivan, Developer

I had never before had a successful experience working with a third party recruitment firm, but I've found that OpenArc was fundamentally different. I felt respected as a professional and genuinely addressed as a person, not just a resource. I certainly would recommend a conversation with OpenArc recruiters to anyone looking to connect people with positions.

Avin Fernando, Sr. Software Engineer

I recently landed a new job thanks to the terrific advisors at OpenArc. From the start, I felt as though they really listened to my interests and paid close attention to my resume in order to find a job opening that matched up my skills and experience. Throughout the interview process, they provided prompt feedback, shrewd insights, and great interview coaching. The team at OpenArc is incredibly professional and friendly, and you can sense their enthusiasm for you to succeed. This kind of support is key during an interview process, enabling you to feel confident and prepared, knowing that you are presenting your best self to an employer.

Chelsea Mervis, Renewal Operations Specialist

OpenArc also builds trusted, lasting partnerships with their candidates. I truly believe that the candidate experience provided by OpenArc is without equal - every individual is treated with the utmost respect and professionalism by an expert, well-trained team always willing and capable of addressing and resolving any issue.

Mark Miko, CIO

OpenArc is not just interested in placing a candidate and scoring a commission - they take the time to understand your company's culture, recommending not only someone who could do the job but also who fits your work environment and values.

Doug Wolf, CEO

I have had the pleasure of working with OpenArc at several different companies for which I have been an executive. They simply deliver! They find great talent quickly. I have sought out OpenArc's assistance due to their performance track record and will continue to do so in the future. I highly recommend OpenArc and the great team they have assembled.

Dave Zynn, President/CEO

Very professional and approachable. Superb reputation in Pittsburgh. Relentless in their efforts to help me improve and grow my business. I think of them as a strategic partner.

Matt Copper, CEO

OpenArc took the time to understand our business, our hiring needs, our culture, the hiring team, and the team on which the successful candidate would work. This allowed them to be able to paint a very credible, realistic picture of the opportunity, the company, and the people as they screened and interviewed candidates. They also followed up regularly, both via telephone and in person to ensure our satisfaction.

Drew Campbell, Talent Acquisition Manager

In my 7 years of working with OpenArc as both a hiring manager and job seeker, I've never been anything less than 100% pleased with their capabilities to deliver timely solutions. The partnership with OpenArc offers me a competitive advantage when I need to fill top tech positions quickly, and their knowledge of the local IT market has positively impacted my own career success.

Bill Fortwangler, Senior Vice President and CTO at Dollar Bank

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