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A new series from OpenArc.

As a technology consulting outfit, we necessarily wear a lot of hats. Our practical expertise in software and mobile development, technical staffing, and technology strategy covers a lot of ground. As we grow and expand, we thought it would be interesting to publish a series of materials that covered the ground floor of some of our services and practices – a glimpse at the context around a few of the things that we built our business on. Introductions to topics like mobility, cloud computing, and what it means to work with a professional staffing agency. Look for these in the coming months, alongside all of our usual coverage of today’s tech landscape. (And also possibly alongside blogs about Star Wars. The heart wants what it wants. And the heart usually wants Star Wars.)

This month, we’ve crafted a slideshow about content management systems – so much a part of our daily online routines that we often take them for granted. Here’s why they aren’t going away anytime soon. 

Reasons Why CMS will Continue to Dominate the Web

Since the creation of PHP over 20 years ago, content management systems have easily become one of the Internet’s most popular and most powerful developer tools. They serve as the backbone of countless websites, enabling people to write, edit and publish content quickly and painlessly to help keep their website on top of the competition.

Installed directly onto your web server, a content management system enables every member of your team to create content – adding articles, photos and other data with ease to help build your brand’s authority across the web. Simply put, content management systems have become a dynamic way to truly showcase your brand’s unique online presence.

In addition to their immense popularity, content management systems aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, many experts predict that CMSs will continue to expand and dominate web publishing for several years to come. An effective CMS gives your team complete control over your website without the need for excessive fees, allowing you to focus on building your bottom line.

Give your website just what it needs to take off with customized software solutions by OpenArc. At OpenArc, your vision meets our expert insight to help you overcome the technical challenges in front of your business and keep your brand moving forward. So align yourself with a partner that has a plan ready to help you business take off and contact OpenArc today. Follow along as we explore just some of the ways an effective content management solution will help set the tone for your digital marketing strategy.

Read OpenArc’s Reasons Why CMS will Continue to Dominate the Web.

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