OpenArc 101: Are Apps Taking Over?

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All mobile everything.

It goes without saying that mobile devices are becoming omnipresent around the globe. By 2020, roughly 80 percent of the adult population will own a smartphone – and as early as next year, the demand for mobile app development will grow so high that your internal IT department may not be able to keep up.

Mobile isn’t a trend, and it’s not going away. Consider this: in the United States alone, there are 224 million monthly active app users. Mobile provides access to your brand 24 hours a day, anywhere around the world. It creates a direct communication channel between you and the consumer, granting them instant access to prices, general information and even the ability to purchase. And it’s not just consumers who are reaping the benefits. Countless small businesses now use apps to increase productivity and build their bottom line. Don’t miss out on the millions of potential customers who are already using apps more than their computers and televisions. Give them the mobile applications they need with help from OpenArc.

Our team of talented technologists will create custom mobile applications that meet the unique needs of both your clients and your staff. Our expert mobile app developers and designers are committed to your success, working with you from inception to well beyond the completion of your app to keep you moving forward. Don’t get left behind on the future of technology – contact the IT experts at OpenArc today.

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