Inside Look at the Goals for the Angular Ecosystem from the NG-Conference

Work Hard. Be Kind. Do More

Work Hard. Be Kind. Do More. This is the motto that was conveyed to over 700 Angular and AngularJS devs in the 2017 NG-Conference keynote presented by Stephen Fluin and Igor Minar. Kicking off the 2-day event in Salt Lake City, Minar drove home that the Angular team really cares about values and supporting and building the community.

Top Question:

“Why do you build Angular?”

Minar went on to explain what gets them up in the morning and shared the goals for Angular in a simple but compelling way:

Source: YouTube (2017, April) Keynote – STEPHEN FLUIN and IGOR MINAR, Retrieved April 28, 2017 from

When it comes to the community, the stats presented showed stability for AngularJS and growth for Angular. Portions of the Angular growth are suspected to be fueled by migration from AngularJS and the many new faces joining the community.

For consistency within the ecosystem, Fluin made the distinction for the audience between AngularJS and Angular. AngularJS is v 1.x and Angular is 2+. Another big announcement from the keynote is the availability of guidance for how to build and ship libraries. Fluin also went into talking about the component dev kit, plans to extract wisdom from the CLI into a SDK model and that language services are now available in select IDE’s.

For insight into plans for version 4 and Long Term Support, check out:

The NG-Conference is an event that has been on my radar for years, and hoping that next year I will be able to bring you live reporting from the event.

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