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Why Use an IT Staffing Firm for Full-Time Jobs

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What if you found out you could make better hires while saving money? That is what the right IT staffing firm can do for you. Let us walk through the scenarios.

#1 It Takes a Strong Network to Attract Highly Skilled IT Candidates.

One of the most common ways that people get jobs within an organization is because they know somebody within that organization and can take advantage of that relationship. However, when you are looking for highly specialized candidates, sometimes you need to find a system that can supplement your network and relationships, and that’s precisely what OpenArc does.

We build strong relationships with passive candidates in highly competitive, technical, and sought after fields. What’s unique is that we can be both the person the candidate knows within the company and the person that the hiring manager knows who they can trust to make recommendations on candidates to be a part of their organization. Ultimately, we fill that role of knowing somebody within the company and knowing a superstar that would be a good fit for a position.

#2 Passive Candidates Are Not Who You Are Going to Find on the Job Boards.

Another big way that companies bring on people to their organization, especially if they are working through their HR or internal recruiting efforts is through job postings. The most talented candidates are not out there applying to jobs. They are passive candidates. They are not actively looking, and at OpenArc, we bring your position to these passive candidates that we have already established a trusted working relationship with, and present candidates you would not be able to get otherwise.

The individual that you need is most often in a role, happy, getting paid well, getting treated well, and not even paying attention to the jobs out there. The magic here is we can get to them because of the relationship that we have. Now, obviously, from a prequalification standpoint, we have gotten to know every candidate that we work with through multiple interactions, in-person meetings, and in some cases, years of working together. Our success is based on our ability to maintain long-term relationships, and it’s not unlikely that the candidate that we might be bringing to you for a direct-hire position could be someone we’ve worked with for the past 5 or 10 years.

With this tenure, we are familiar with not just their technical skills but can predict how well they will mesh within an organization, what is going to be a good culture for them to lead to an excellent overall cultural fit ultimately. We go beyond the resume and relay the accurate alignment required for direct-hire positions and people that are going to be a part of an organization long term.

#3 Contingency Fees are Not Cost Prohibitive

The average fee in the staffing industry is anywhere from 20 to 25 percent based on the candidate’s salary, let me detail the value in your investment.

First and foremost, the thing I always like to highlight is we are a contingency firm. There is no fee unless we find somebody for you. Stated another way, you only have to pay the fee if we find the right candidate that is a match for your organization. Outside of that, there is no expense associated with engaging OpenArc to work with you.

Second, we cover more ground, resulting in a more expedient hiring process thanks to the long-standing relationships we have. Up to date, we’ve interacted with over 40,000 candidates and have a lot of passive candidates in roles that we can easily have a quick conversation with and get them into your process.

On the flip, if you are doing it on your own, you are always starting from square one. You need to gather a candidate pool, vet out that candidate pool, and then work them through the process, and whereas with OpenArc, those steps are already done for you. You just need to help us work them through the process and see if they are the right match for the organization.

We strive to save you time and, as a result, money in every sense. Example: we might send three to five candidates over to your position, yet all of the candidates that we send are qualified, capable, and a match to your role. And you get to choose from the top three to five. It all happens in a much quicker fashion than if you were to post jobs out on LinkedIn, Dice, Monster, etc. This is why, historically, 90% of our placed candidates are the first candidate we sent to the hiring manager.

#4 Staffing Firms Utilize a Different Reward Structure

Often there is confusion between the reward structure associated with an internal recruiter versus a contingency recruiter. With an internal recruiter at your company, you will find they get a set salary, whether they find ten good candidates in a short period or whether they find zero. OpenArc’s technical career advisors are contingency recruiters, and their incomes are based on them finding you the right matches. This positions us to have to prove ourselves every day, every week, every month, every year to stay in business. If we do not find the right talent, then our company does not exist. Simply put, the proof is that A, we’re operating strong after ten years in the business, and B, we have a track record of success.

#5 Candidates Prefer Working with Staffing Firms

The best candidates, especially passive candidates, prefer working with a small stable team of recruiters rather than have any direct interaction with a company. Remember, they are currently employed and working full time, with a job to do and other life commitments. I always describe it as a sports agent. Tom Brady is not personally going and talking to various teams, or putting in the leg work. And the latest top recruit from college is not talking to groups. They have an agent that handles that for them because their area of expertise is football or .NET development.

#6 Boolean Searching on LinkedIn is Not Always the Answer

How often have you heard that your team could not find a good pool of candidates with a specific job title? It is more about the individual candidate match than it is about titles or particular technologies. If your search is particularly tricky, or if you’re looking for an obscure technology, the amount of time and energy that goes into finding people with that obscure technology is significant. In contrast, OpenArc has likely already worked in a similar position and already has a stable of candidates for those specific technologies or the most up-to-date and relevant technologies.

#7 How Do I Convince My Boss to Let Me Use a Staffing Agency

Explain to them the above points and emphasize that all the risk is on the staffing firm. The burden is on us to find the best person to become a part of your organization and stay long term for us to be a viable company. This does not even mean that you have to cease any internal recruiting efforts. If you find a great candidate on your own after engaging with OpenArc, it costs you nothing. Point to the track record of success that OpenArc has and how it directly correlates to the success our clients have had using our services, which is why we’ve been able to continue with a strong track record for a decade.