We’re Number Seven! We’re Number Seven!

Consulting Magazine

Our very first Top Ten.

Consulting Magazine has released its first-ever list of the fastest growing consulting firms in America, and OpenArc came in at #7! We’re incredibly proud of the hard work of the entire team, and humbled to be growing at the pace that we are. (Not too humbled to be super excited, though. We’re seriously considering biker gang jackets.) “This is really a testament to our people,” says OpenArc CEO Joel Reed. “We have been incredibly focused on providing blended solutions that showcase our strengths and deliver exactly what our customers need, and this serves as a little more encouragement that we’re on the right track.”

Check out the press release here, and we’ll go back to working hard to enable innovation – and working hard to try to find more room in our office. Thanks to Consulting Magazine, and thanks to YOU for making this possible!

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