Virtual Reality (VR) in Pittsburgh


Virtual Reality (VR) in Pittsburgh

Last month, OpenArc’s Virtual Reality (VR) team hosted a happy hour in our Wexford, PA office to showcase the latest VR development taking place right here in the Pittsburgh market.

HTC Vive headset in use to play “The Lab.”

The crowd was a mix of executives, developers and marketers exploring how custom VR solutions could be used within their own companies. OpenArc’s Pittsburgh-based VR development team, demonstrated how through 3D configurations and visualization’s companies in every industry can leverage the virtual reality platform for product demonstrations, virtual tours, virtual training and tradeshows.

VR development in Pittsburgh, a city with ties to banking, healthcare, manufacturing and more, is helping organizations transform how they interact with their customers. With OpenArc’s design and development expertise, we can uniquely help companies demonstrate their product or service through contextual VR environments relevant to their customers.

There are plans to host another VR event in Pittsburgh in the next few months. Currently, the OpenArc VR team is scheduling demos for companies interested in learning more about VR and how it can be a solution for their business.

If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a VR demo right here in Pittsburgh, email our VR team at [email protected]

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