Top Considerations for the Over 48,000 Developers Interested in Job Opportunities

64,000 Developers Share Their Coding Habits and New Job Considerations

Last week Stack Overflow published their annual Developer Results Survey where over 64,000 developers shared everything from their coding habits to new job considerations. As an IT staffing firm, we narrowed in on the findings relating to career and professional development.

The report noted that 75.2% of developers are interested in hearing about new job opportunities. At OpenArc, we deal in careers and with over 48,000 of you interested in exploring career opportunities, there are strategies you need to consider as you evaluate a potential move.

Have you asked yourself if you are competitive in your space, are you growing in your current position, and are you being paid what you are worth? Through a unique listen and learn process, which places an emphasis on your business and career objectives, our experts can tell you where you stand and guide you through the market and identify the right job that best fits what you are looking for.

Be sure to check out the report and all of the findings for yourself here:

The next step is to talk with one of our expert advisors. We can maximize your potential and help you make wise choices for the long haul. 

Source: Stack Overflow Developer Survey Results 2017, Retrieved March 27, 2017 from

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