Top 3 Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency After Being Laid Off

Here are the top three reasons to enlist the guidance of a a technical career advisor at a staffing agency.

Whether you had notice or not, being laid off is a life changing and emotional experience. Losing your job is an emotional pain that may be even greater than any physical pain you’ve experience. If you ever find yourself in this position, the quickest way to get back to the job market is to focus on a positive outlook and engage with a staffing agency.

Here are the top three reasons to enlist the guidance of a a technical career advisor at a staffing agency:

1.You’ll have access to real people and not just job boards

A reputable staffing agency has technical career advisors that are looking to help companies fill positions. Companies use staffing agencies to find the right hire and may turn to staffing agencies when they don’t want to post a position to job boards. So not only will you have an advocate that will match you to the right position and company, but an advocate that has the inside scoop on a vast pool of jobs and direct contact to the hiring manager.

2. You’ll get expert advice on updating your resume and interviewing

It may have been years since you updated your resume and whether it’s one, two or three jobs ago, your resume needs to convey a favorable impression. A technical career advisor can you help you organize your resume, rewrite it for the position you are seeking and ensure your resume truly highlights your unique experiences, not just your skills.

3. You’ll be provided a greater array of employment options

Large unemployment gaps can be an objection that can sometimes be hard to overcome. By dealing with a technical career advisor, you can discuss permanent placement positions, contract-to-hire or contingent roles within select companies. Many times, the recruiting firm handles the screening, interviewing and hiring for some of these position types. So, you can get back on the job more quickly than if you were to go through the traditional corporate recruiting process facilitated by in-house HR personnel.

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