The Power Behind Writing a Killer Job Description!

There is tremendous power behind being able to write killer job descriptions. Besides the title, perks and general duties, applicants want to know a great deal more about the culture and work environment.

To entice qualified applicants to the position, we need to change the mindset of how we are writing job descriptions. Typically, the first question is how long should a job description be. Many are way too long, and others are not long enough to capture the essence of the position. What’s the right length? I am looking to avoid placing strict limitations, as long as you have selected a defined template.

With a template, you’ll be able to list out sentences about the role precisely, and if you’re permitted, you’ll want to include who the applicant would report to, i.e., the Software Manager would report to the Director of Development. Hint: Including this information is shown to increase candidate quality significantly.

Be sure to include goals, of the job, not just the day in and day out. Our goal is to get people excited about the role, and including SMART goals is a great way to get someone who wants to make an impact on your team.

There are always, must haves and nice to have. List your must-haves first and then list specific technical requirements for the position. Try to avoid in this section listing too many of the standard bullets which don’t fall into either of the must or nice categories.

Other things that can deter qualified candidates is the use of vague or cliché language. We all know that we will have to communicate to some extent in our jobs. A position in staffing requires a great deal of communication prowess, and on the flip side for a software developer, your actual human interaction may be kept to Slack, depends on the role. This said, listing that an applicant needs communication skills, will likely deter qualified candidates.

Lastly, finish strong about your benefit offerings. What’s the time-off policy, what’s the insurance match, and optional retirement programs? Never underestimate the candidate motivation factor a comprehensive and competitive benefits package delivers.

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