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    In my 7 years of working with OpenArc as both a hiring manager and job seeker, I've never been anything less than 100% pleased with their capabilities to deliver timely solutions. The partnership with OpenArc offers me a competitive advantage when I need to fill top tech positions quickly, and their knowledge of the local IT market has positively impacted my own career success.

    Bill Fortwangler, Senior Vice President and CTO at Dollar Bank February 3, 2018


    Recruiting firms have told me I'd be a "good fit" for a position before. But with OpenArc, it was clear they meant it. Mike had READ my resume and listened to my requirements. Meanwhile, Jordan had clearly done the same on the employer side of the process. A fun part of the actual job interview -- yes, they can be fun -- was the common awareness that OpenArc hadn't wasted either party's time. No one wants to go on an endless number of interviews for positions they neither want nor for which they are qualified. A good recruiter listens to their clients and customers to provide proper matches. OpenArc is a great recruiter.

    Jeff Sullivan, Developer February 9, 2018

    I had never before had a successful experience working with a third party recruitment firm, but I've found that OpenArc was fundamentally different. I felt respected as a professional and genuinely addressed as a person, not just a resource. I certainly would recommend a conversation with OpenArc recruiters to anyone looking to connect people with positions.

    Avin Fernando, Sr. Software Engineer February 9, 2018

    I recently landed a new job thanks to the terrific advisors at OpenArc. From the start, I felt as though they really listened to my interests and paid close attention to my resume in order to find a job opening that matched up my skills and experience. Throughout the interview process, they provided prompt feedback, shrewd insights, and great interview coaching. The team at OpenArc is incredibly professional and friendly, and you can sense their enthusiasm for you to succeed. This kind of support is key during an interview process, enabling you to feel confident and prepared, knowing that you are presenting your best self to an employer.

    Chelsea Mervis, Renewal Operations Specialist February 9, 2018


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