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Enterprise web and mobile digital experiences are often the primary channels that end customers have with your product and services. OpenArc, a UX design company in Pittsburgh, PA, has a team of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) experts that can design and develop a seamless user experience, unique to your audience through a proven user-centered approach.

You need to create a business impact through experiences with your brand that your customers will embrace. You need to see things from their perspective and work together across organizational groups to align your goals and theirs.

With OpenArc’s Human-Centered Design approach, you will engage end-users and stakeholders, discover high-value unmet needs, identify where you can create value and explore and validate new solutions.

Our Approach


Identify and prioritize opportunities that create focus for you and your team.

+ Discovery Workshops

+ Customer & Market Research

+ Market and Competitor Analysis

+ Data and Metrics Analysis


Explore tangible experiences that balance value, time-to-market and cost.

+ Information Architecture, Personas, Journey Maps and Storyboards

+ UX Prototyping

+ Feature Prioritization & Release Planning

+ Technology Evaluation and Roadmapping


Delight users with native, progressive and web apps for selected platforms and devices.

+ Interaction Design, Branding & UI Design

+ Usability Testing

+ Software Development, Integration, Testing & Release

Key Capabilities

  • User Research

    Understand your current and prospective users, their motivations and goals that provide insights for UX UI design work.

  • UI/UX Design for Web, Mobile, Responsive & Hybrid

    Create seamless and engaging experiences across web and mobile devices that align with different app development approaches.

  • User Testing and Validation

    Get feedback from real users as you design and develop a product to reduce risk and ensure that content and functionality are easy to find, understand and use.

  • Mobile, Web, Responsive for iOS and Android

    Align the right design approach with users’ needs in different contexts that balances speed, cost, and capabilities.

  • Journey Mapping

    Research and capture knowledge about your end-users that highlights and prioritizes their pain points. Your customer's experiences are mapped according to the problem you are trying to solve along with the business need.

  • Wireframing

    Establish UX patterns through design thinking approach that focuses on information architecture, content and the flow of interactions. You’ll be able to explore a variety of solutions and collect customer information quickly.

Learn About Your Audience

Your customized user-centered design and development approach starts with learning about your audience: their behaviors, perceptions, pain points and goals. By blending this knowledge with analysis and an understanding of your business, the team at OpenArc will create engaging enterprise web and mobile experiences, functional in design, that connect deeply with your users to achieve the results you expect.

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As a digital agency, we need a capable responsive technical firm to manage our servers and infrastructure. They resolve issues quickly and go the extra mile to take care of us and our clients. OpenArc is a trusted and valued partner.

D.J. Smith, Founder & President, Chief Storyteller, CiV Digital

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