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We had ourselves a bit of a week. Here are the photos to prove it.

We were thrilled to be a sponsor of the 2016 edition of Thrival, Pittsburgh’s homegrown innovation and music festival. Now in its fourth year, Thrival has exploded in popularity, attracting leading lights in technology and entrepreneurship as well as the hottest acts from across the musical spectrum – and this year, the festival was both longer and more well-attended than ever before.

It was a banner week for us: we met thousands of people, striking up new relationships and deepening existing ones. (Pro tip: Having a cotton candy machine and a photo booth really helps in this regard.) A hearty “thank you” to everyone we talked to (in person and on social media), all our fellow sponsors and vendors, and all the amazing speakers and musicians. And an ALL-CAPS THANK YOU to Bobby Zappala, Dan Law, Kenny Chen, and all the folks at Thrill Mill for putting on one heck of an event. It was truly one of those experiences that reminds us how proud we are to call Pittsburgh home. We can’t wait to see you all along the way – and at the festival next year!

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    Questions? Concerns? Let us know. We’re here for the long haul.


    Oh, and we also test-drove the cotton candy machine in the office before taking it to Carrie Furnaces. Reviews were mixed, but we think we nailed it. Amateur footage has surfaced:




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