OpenArc welcomes Kate, Alli, and Valerie

Welcoming three new employees

Every six weeks, we pull together for a company meeting –  today’s included cookies, cupcakes, red wine, and cranberry ginger beer – quite a combination! We also make a big deal welcoming new employees and spend some time getting to know them, what they like to do outside of work, and giving a big round of applause for every one of them. Today, we welcomed three promising young ladies to the OpenArc team.

Kate Truman is a Technical Career Advisor, who loves arts and crafts, photography, and helping our candidates find positions that “fit” – positions that line up with their career goals, at companies that are a good cultural fit.

Alli Behr is an advanced math and physics guru, who has amazingly driven around and visited all 48 continental states. She instantly melded with our .Net team and is a pleasure to work with.

Finally, Valerie McCusker is an Administrative Assistant for OpenArc, who loves Game of Thrones and boxed wine. She fits in perfectly with our techies who love drones, coding, and building custom door lock systems.

We also have one more tradition for new employees: the “what am I getting into?” shot with the presentation deck’s final “questions?” slide…

Kate, Alli, and Valerie

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