New Installation Experience in Visual Studio 2017

Visual Studio 2017 Offers a New Installer

For those of you who have yet to install Visual Studio 2017, you are missing out on the new installation experience. Microsoft made the decision to design a new installer from the ground up resulting in a smaller footprint, quicker installation with the option to pick and choose to install only the features you want.

The new Visual Studio installer lets you pick between different workloads: Windows, Web & Cloud and Mobile & Gaming. Depending on your requirements you can install one or more workloads. The workloads cover common frameworks and programming languages.

If you choose not to use Workloads, you can select individual components or language packs. Within components you will find an array of categories and by default, the language pack is English but there are thirteen other language packs you may select.


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Also within the Visual Studio installer there is an “Update” button so when you need to update Visual Studio, you run the installer and click the button. In the upper right hand corner, you will now see Report a Problem or Provide a Suggestion relating to your Visual Studio experience.

Microsoft has two blog posts that dive deeper into the objective for the redesign and how they are working to tailor experiences based on developer needs. “Faster and leaner Visual Studio installer” and “Anatomy of a low-impact Visual Studio installation.”

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