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How Do I Find Staffing Agencies Near Me?

Let’s cover what you need to know when determining what staffing agencies are in your area.

If you have been following our blog or reading some of the latest reports from companies like StackOverflow, you already know many of your peers in IT are searching for new careers. There have been some great articles circulating around about the benefits of using staffing agencies. The part that hasn’t been covered until now is the question, “How do I find staffing agencies near me?”


Finding Technology Staffing Agencies Near Me

Look for staffing agencies that specialize in technology. By aligning yourself with a dedicated technology staffing firm, you’ll have access to trained career strategists that will examine your skills and experience, helping you highlight your brightest achievements. Beyond solid advice, you’ll be presented with opportunities for significant professional improvement.


Choosing the Right IT Staffing Agency Near Me

While most of us may be inclined to simply do a Google search for “staffing agencies near me,” there are some other avenues that may lead you to better matched results. When choosing the right IT staffing agency for your needs, choose one that has a history of placing qualified candidates in the right position. To uncover these successful placements, look for past colleagues that have taken new opportunities and see who they are connected to in their social networks that work at staffing agencies. Also, if you can confide in some of your friends or colleagues, both past and current, you are likely to get some good recommendations on top tech staffing agencies near you.


As you start making introductions with staffing agencies, remember that a quality agency should help define who you are to potential employers to showcase how your skills can be an asset to their company. Set that expectation that you are looking for the staffing agency to attract opportunities that match your goals.


If you are ready to get started with “finding a staffing agency near me,” get in touch with our Career Services Manager, Scott (scott at openarc dot net) and he’ll help you navigate the IT career landscape and let you know the agency that best aligns with your career path.