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Product Category: Web Application


Performing 13,000+ monthly audits in the Aerospace industry, PRI needed a UX proof of concept for improving search in its primary tool, eAuditNet. Working with Oracle data and Angular and React frameworks on the front end, OpenArc conducted user research and redesigned the search interface to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. The new system architecture better mapped the information within eAuditNET and added features like proximity-based searching, offering a more visual and intelligent interface.

Production Optimizer

Pittsburgh is known as the Steel City, and CIX, Inc. is a top resource in the industry for steel companies looking to improve their processes, training and operations. Working from proprietary databases, OpenArc developed two applications to optimize needs-based steel production outputs while protecting CIX’s intellectual property. Powered by Electron, Vue.js, PouchDB and Vuetity, the applications deliver value-in-use calculations for all raw materials and energy sources for production optimization.

Audio Platform

CenterClip is a conversation platform for short form, unfiltered, audio segments in the political commentary space. Users have access to quality, diverse content on a convenient app and control which voices lead the discussion. Content creators monetize their talent, engage with other creators, and gain new followers via layered audiences. Advertisers have access to a diverse base of listeners and content creators, including difficult to reach demographics.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this project was to create the CenterClip Short Form Audio application. The MVP application has the functions needed to further prove the CenterClip vision with real world testing and a goal of showing traction with creators and listeners to entice further investment into building out the full product vision.

Virtual Engineer

Looking to gain a competitive advantage and provide a user-friendly online platform for customers, Parker enlisted OpenArc to develop a design tool for linear motion applications. Utilizing the .NET framework, e-configurators and electromechanical and pneumatic technology, the platform leverages the company’s existing content and product information. It offers simulations and calculation tests for making sizing and selection decisions. The intuitive interface is simple, reliable and fast and saves engineering time by narrowing down your solution choices.