Project Overview

In partnership with the University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Institute, Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and Coulter TP II Program, OpenArc developed interACTION, a telerehabilitation application that uses wearable bluetooth technology to better facilitate post-surgery physical therapy. OA Mobile wrote and built the app utilizing Xamarin.Android, grafting development expertise onto the Institute’s knowledge of sensor technology for human movement and bringing the idea from the drawing board to the waiting room.

The app consists of two sensors, placed above and below a knee, that are wirelessly connected to a tablet. Patients can access customized courses of therapy, complete with instructional videos, loaded onto the tablet by their physician. Real-time data provides a visual feedback component as they complete the workout.

This data is aggregated and delivered to the clinical staff, giving them total visibility into patient compliance and the ability to alter or adjust patient routines based on what they see – creating major insight and value for doctor and patient alike.


  • Software
  • Strategy
  • App Design
  • App Development
  • Mobile design and development
  • Mobile strategy
  • Bluetooth
  • Medical Technology

OpenArc’s flexible, team-oriented approach has enabled us to overcome numerous technical barriers all while staying on budget and on schedule.

Kevin Bell, Ph.D., Project Team Leader, University of Pittsburgh

What We Learned

Post-surgery patients offer a different limitation to user acceptance testing.
Getting this idea right will extend and augment the care level that limited insurance coverage can provide.
Physical therapists are absolute rockstars. We’re lucky to have them.
Angles can’t be negative in a 3D space. (Obviously.)

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