3 Key Findings When It Comes to Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Workforce

The annual 2017 Survey Report from the WorkHuman Research Institute highlights three high-level findings after surveying 2,700 full-time U.S. employees.

This is the time of the year when predictions for 2018, along with 2017 year-end survey results are published that staffing agencies and HR leaders pay close attention to when it comes to workplace connections, engagement and intentions. 

As detailed in the WorkHuman Research Institute 2017 Survey Report, the intent of the report was to gain an accurate snapshot of employee sentiment and motivation. The findings are broken out into three sections, each containing bar charts, pie charts and statistics that drill down into the questions asked and the answers provided by the respondents.

The first finding of three revolves around what makes people stay at their companies and how do different recognition experiences impact how employees experience meaning at work. The study found that employees are increasingly searching for meaning in their work and that frequent, values-based recognition is one of the best ways to meet this need. On page 6 of the report, it is noted that 45% of workers have not been recognized in six months or more. If you make the connection that recent recognition is linked to positive employee outcomes, then the stat that 75% of surveyed employees, recognized in the last two months, share they “love their job” won’t be a surprise to you.

The next finding resulted from the answering of questions on how is the role of the manager changing as work becomes more team-based and collaborative, followed by which kinds of feedback will most likely improve performance. This new paradigm for employee performance as referenced in the 2017 Survey Report, identified in finding two that when it comes to performance, employees are looking for more frequent check-ins, which in all likelihood will enhance the manager-employee relationship.

The topic of work/life integration is often discussed at length, but have you considered as an HR or business leader which of your workplace practices is the most effective in allowing employees to bring their whole, authentic selves to work? This is the question answered in finding three of the 2017 Survey Report titled, Bringing Life to Work. The finding is that as organizations become places of shared community, workers are craving a sense of being and celebration of life events in the workplace.

The WorkHuman Research Institute 2017 Survey Report concludes that there is a fundamental shift in employee attitudes and sentiments towards traditional workforce trends. Given the data reported in the survey, workers are much more likely to be engaged, to love their jobs, to recommend your company to a friend and to work harder when their work culture is grounded in appreciation.

As you’ve been reading this, hopefully you’ve been thinking about your own organization and what initiatives make sense for your company to move forward in building trust and pride of your workforce.

Source: WORKHUMAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE: 2017 SURVEY REPORT – Retrieved December 21, 2017 via download from

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