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OpenArc’s talent placement and consulting division occupies a singular space in the IT industry, combining deep technology expertise with an unmatched attention to "fit" – organizational fit, motivational fit, and job fit – in order to secure the right talent for our customers and the right job for our candidates. As with all OpenArc services and solutions, we take pride in relationships – both building and built.

We deliver permanent, temporary and outsourced placements, as well as a full range of staff augmentation and talent acquisition services. Using a rigorous process that includes certified behavioral training, our team screens potential associates for work ethic, employment history and skill level - assuring lasting, fruitful matches between employer and talent.

Job Seekers

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From entry level to executive level, we'll connect you to the right career.

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While other firms may traffic in numbers, we invest the time to understand your personal career needs and to educate you about the IT market, our corporate clients and your potential - helping you not only further develop your existing skills, but also make wise choices along your employment path. We are a resource and a support system truly invested in finding you a position that you'll love.

Career Strategists

We take the time to meet every candidate that we represent and spend time getting to know not just what's on your resume, but where your interests lie, what your career objectives are, and what you liked and disliked about past jobs and work environments. It's all part of our commitment to be a career long partner and resource for each of our candidates. We will advise you on companies that will best advance your career goals and connect you with opportunities that will help you flourish and build your skill set.

Timely Feedback

Every time one of our candidates has an interview, we will follow up with hiring manager and get timely feedback on what went well and where the rough spots were. We will always pass along the good and the bad, so that you know how you did and where you need to improve your interviewing skills. When necessary, we we'll even have one of our internal senior technologist do a mock interview with you before any client interviews, so we can give you general feedback on what to focus on and what to look out for. It's all part of our commitment to be a long term partner to you.

Employment Support

OpenArc contract employees have the option to sign-up for a very competitive benefits package with medical, dental, and vision coverage via either a PPO or HSA plan. OpenArc's experienced, full service human resources and accounting teams are always available for any benefits or payroll questions. We want contracting through OpenArc to be a great experience with no extra complications - a new job is challenge enough, let us take care of the rest for you!


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With expert counsel and the right candidates, we are your resource beyond human resources.

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We put our extensive experience and the networks reflected in our candidate database to work at Fortune 500 companies and dynamic startups alike, connecting skilled IT professionals with top employers and fostering relationships that maximize the potential of both our candidates and your organization. In fact, we meet every candidate and hiring manager face to face.

Fit Experts

Fit matters, so every OpenArc recruiter goes through a rigorous third-party behavioral interviewing certification process. This interviewing insight helps us identify the best candidates with the right motivational, cultural, and job fit for your organization.

Brand Ambassadors

A crucial part of getting to know you is identifying the unique aspects that make your organization a great place to work. We take that knowledge and act as your ambassadors to the IT community, guiding skilled, in-demand IT professionals to their next great career step.

Process Gurus

We understand the importance of a consistent, well-documented hiring process that is fair, streamlined, and successfully identifies the best candidates for a position. As part of our process, we dig into your process, making sure our team understands how to fit into your company's hiring guidelines. While we will often offer suggestions for improvement, we will always adhere closely to your HR standards.

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