IoT Dashboard

Built a Vue.js single page application using Auth0 and the Exosite IOT platform.

VR experience

Developed a custom confined space Virtual Reality experience in VIve and adapted to work on Google cardboard.

The End Zone

Developed a Xamarin.Forms app specific to high school football with one of a kind community access and a shared codebase.


Created a subscription-based family carpooling Xamarin-based mobile app with peace of mind features and advanced scheduling. Azure backend.


Adjusted UI of an iOS lifestyle app and added features to help users reach their goals.

CIX Endpoint Control

Application with level 2 furnace integration, powered by Electron, Vue.js, Vuetity, and PouchDB.


Designed and developed a Xamarin based IPad Pro application for surgery operating rooms using Azure mobile services.

Lancaster Safety

Built a document management platform using ASP.NET Core, Electron, and Vue.js.

Yoga Vibes

Built a WordPress, Magento, and Brightcove powered platform for a leading Yoga brand.

The Skin Center

Merged three separate sites into a single mega-site complete with a new structurally sound framework and central admin privileges.

American Textile

Designed and developed a website optimized for e-commerce to support dozens of brands.

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I ended up with a contract at my dream company with the help of OpenArc. They've been great to work with and excellent communication. I got the interview coaching I needed to better represent myself from of my recruiters, who was a huge help in my job search. My recruiter understood that texts and emails are a better way to reach me rather than phone, which makes it easier to keep up with any messages.

Aimee Dryden