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Pittsburgh's Premier Technology Consulting Firm

Specializing in IT staffing and software development. We understand what you want, as good partners always do.

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Talent Software Strategy
IT Staffing and Recruiting Solutions that Deliver

OpenArc occupies a singular space in the IT industry. We’re honest, dedicated experts with deep technology expertise, and we measure our success by the satisfaction of our job seekers and partners. For our seekers, it’s not just about the job - what you do matters. And for our partners, we make your business our business. When those interests work together, we provide powerful value for all involved.

We’re in the Fit Business

OpenArc’s dedicated information technology staffing and talent strategy team delivers custom created IT staffing, recruiting and workforce management solutions, offering you the option to have OpenArc manage everything from the first interview to final hire, or anything in between for contract, contract-to-hire or direct hires.

Brand Ambassadors
Job Seekers

We invest the time to understand you and educate the local market on your brand. We are a voice for your business processes, representing your culture and values to enhance your reputation and attract top talent.

We use our vast professional network and industry knowledge to represent your personal brand. Using our comprehensive understanding of the culture of the region’s top companies, we are constantly searching for the best fit for your personal passion.

Honest Partners
Job Seekers

Sometimes tough conversations are necessary, and we care enough to have them: Are you attracting the right candidates? Is your process working? If not, why not? And we don’t just ask the questions - we stay and offer solutions.

We don’t pull punches. We speak frankly and with your interests in mind. How do you compare with others in your field? How is your resume? Are your salary requirements realistic? Any firm can push paper. We have the tough conversations that lead to greater success.

Masters of Process
Job Seekers

We dedicate ourselves to a deep understanding of your business process, helping us to accurately represent you and to manage candidate expectations. We also help you to understand how your organization is perceived in the region, leading to increased value.

Every business has a unique hiring process, and because we know this - because we know the region as well and as thoroughly as we do - you won’t miss a step when you partner with us. We always provide you with timely feedback that reflects the needs of every client company we work with.

Career Strategists
Job Seekers

We deal in careers, and that philosophy also applies to the life of organizations. Are you competitive in your space? Is your growth strategy working? Our experts can tell you where you stand, understanding your internal needs and guiding you to the types of individuals you need to hire.

When it comes right down to it, your career isn’t about positions. It’s about positioning. Our experts are true advocates, moving you toward long-term success by matching your work with your passions - helping you discover and meet your career goals by moving you toward where you want to be.

Market Experts
Job Seekers

We have met thousands of talented candidates, and that number increases every single day. We know what people are looking for. This experience, coupled with our comprehensive knowledge of market trends and area tech companies’ needs and processes, delivers insight that helps us identify the individuals with the right motivational, cultural, and job fit for your organization.

Our behaviorally certified interviewers and award-winning consultants are plugged in at every level of the region’s IT landscape. We know who’s hiring, who’s not, compensation trends, what technologies are in play, and everything else you need to find the career that’s right for you.

Support System
Job Seekers

While other staffing firms traffic in numbers, we specialize in the long term. We understand that without quality, quantity will fade. Both are crucial for long-term success, and we are dedicated to helping you place and keep talented individuals for a career. Further, we’re not just here when you have a placement need; you can come to us at any time with any question or concern.

Other firms don’t stay around unless they move you forward, but we take the time to educate you through the entire process and beyond, helping you not only further develop your existing skills, but also make wise choices along your employment path - even if we aren’t the firm that places you.

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We deliver permanent, contract and contract-to-hire placements, as well as a full range of consulting and strategic assessment services. Our experts are on the front lines of the tech market, anticipating the needs of job seekers and businesses throughout the region - and always ready to guide them to success.

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