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Product Category: VR

VR Showroom

Facing what was considered impossible, Parker was in search of a tech solution that would allow them to demonstrate their product’s functionality in the context of a large manufacturing environment during trade shows, meetings or conferences. Parker approached OpenArc to deliver a design and development plan for two virtual reality (VR) environments. In order to globally showcase Parker’s product offering, OpenArc used Dell Alienware, HTC VIVE Goggles, Unity and Blender 3-D software to design innovative, visually-rich and engaging VR environments. Within a six-week time frame, OpenArc developed VR hardware and software platforms that uniquely highlighted Parker’s application to a global audience and extended Parker’s global reach while strengthening product value.

VR Experience

The MSA VR app is an adaptation of a custom Virtual Reality experience developed by OpenArc for the HTC VIVE, and then re-engineered by OpenArc’s VR team to work on Google Cardboard. MSA attends large trade shows and wanted attendees to be able to relive the MSA experience on-demand from their phones and viewers. The Virtual Reality experience provides an avenue to demonstrate products which helps facilitate sales for MSA.  Watch the video!

VR Training

Ranging from wasted materials, on-the-job injuries and high-turnover, manufacturing environments are complicated and the outcomes bring high-consequences. Arconic turned to OpenArc to leverage the power of Virtual Reality to reduce the complexities in their plant by developing a VR-based training curriculum that provides employees hands-on workforce training. Starting with Arconic’s CAD files, OpenArc’s VR team developed two complete immersive training scenarios, using Blender, Unity and HTC Vive and delivered a new, safer training environment. Watch the video!

Milestone PA – VR Training

Prepping and serving meals to behavioral health clients in a residential facility requires intensive training and affection for those who depend on you to feed them.  Realizing that group style lectures were not adequately training caregivers for the physical and mental stamina the role requires, Milestone searched for an alternative. Milestone engaged with OpenArc to create a custom Virtual Reality training module using Oculus Quest, a fully wireless standalone VR system. The VR training module simulates the process required to properly prepare and serve food to people suffering from swallowing disorders of varying severity. It also offers consequences for improper actions, built-in chaotic situations and provides an opportunity to call 911, in the event of an emergency.  The new VR solution is increasing the staffs knowledge retention and reducing high-consequence incidents among clients, creating a safer more relaxed environment.