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Product Category: Mobile

Audio Platform

CenterClip is a conversation platform for short form, unfiltered, audio segments in the political commentary space. Users have access to quality, diverse content on a convenient app and control which voices lead the discussion. Content creators monetize their talent, engage with other creators, and gain new followers via layered audiences. Advertisers have access to a diverse base of listeners and content creators, including difficult to reach demographics.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this project was to create the CenterClip Short Form Audio application. The MVP application has the functions needed to further prove the CenterClip vision with real world testing and a goal of showing traction with creators and listeners to entice further investment into building out the full product vision.

DLC Customer App

Looking to bring mobile bill pay to their customers, DLC enlisted the UI/UX and development services provided by OpenArc to build a Xamarin.Forms app targeting Apple and Android platforms. Through a high-level analysis and blueprinting session, OpenArc rewrote and relaunched a new mobile app that’s more reflective of the functionality that is offered through the DLC website. New features include a single-sign-on which uses a fingerprint to create a “password-free” environment. Understanding the need for an easy-to-use platform, OpenArc utilized an SDK for the map integration API to provide users real-time updates, along with powerful and useful location features.